Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Final days in University of Makati

I have never thought that I'd be studying in a university that is run by the local government. I was so into this mentality of I should get into one the top 5 schools in the metro that i know of, these are University of the Philippines (UP), Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU), De La Salle University (DLSU), University of Sto. Tomas (UST), University of Asia and the Pacific (UAP).
I was eying on UST however I wasn't able to pass the interview. Reconsideration process takes forever so I decided to stop trying. Good thing though, I entered University Makati.
I know that this university doesn't even have a place in a list of web rankings. But hey, who doesn't like a tuition fee that costs Php 1000.00 per semester?

To inquire, visit: http://universityofmakati.net/

Anyway, 4 days from now, I'd be celebrating and finalizing my 4 years in UMak. Graduation is drawing near yet I am unsure of whether to pursue my degree (Bachelor in Integrated Arts Major in Broadcast Arts) or just look for easy to find jobs. I really want to handle events or be part of a production team. I still have ample days to think about it. One thing's for sure, I am applying.

Congratulations Batch 2011.

Jah Bless.

Hey! It's Still May!

April is almost ending, however, like me, I haven't fully felt the summer yet except with the temperature rising every single minute. With the excruciating heat of summer, makes me want to swim in to the pool and dive into the deepest beach, though I can't really swim. However, I have parents who believes that it is bad luck for graduating students (like me) to wander off and enjoy summer. They told me to wait until graduation then I can freely enjoy the summer. (blah!)

Anyhoo, I still want to write about the white sand beaches that you can still visit here in the Philippines that I also want to visit. Hey, it's still May!


Who doesn't know this white sand beach that is visited mostly by celebrities, young adults and students? Boracay is an island in the northwest tip of Panay Island in Western Visayas. Boracay is known not only for its fine, white sand, and awesome recreational activities like Helmet dive, windsurfing, kiteborading, etc., but also for it's night life and parties all over the island. Mostly people finish off their activities during the day, but as the sun hides and day becomes night, lights and music turns up, and the people in Boracay party all night long.


The largest province here in the Philippines that stretches from Mindoro to Borneo. The virgin rainforests, underground caves, magnificent coral reefs and its pristine beaches are what is loved about this island. Mostly, Palawan's visitors are couples, newly-wed, and families because of its breath-taking view and serenity of the place. I just hope the municipality there would preserve its beauty rather than making it too commercialized.

Puerto Galera

The most convenient white beach island because it is the nearest in Metro Manila. It is located in Oriental Mindoro, about 130 kilometers from Metro Manila. This island is visited by all age group whether Filipino or foreigners, families, friends, students, young adults, and oldies but goodies. Puerto Galera is known for its snorkeling and scuba diving. Like Boracay, Puerto Galera have night-til-morning parties and night life.

As a graduation gift, I want one out of these.

As for you, you take care and enjoy your trip!

Jah Bless

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Holy Wednesday, Last Agenda: Visita Iglesia

This year is my second time to do Visita Iglesia here in Manila. As my memory serves me right, I have tried it once in Naga, Bicol a couple years back with Mama, Nadine, and with some relatives there. And last year, I was with my SFL Family. See previous post here.

From my first agenda of the day, the pabasa, I arrived at home around 6 in the evening, I just prepared some things and rested for a while and then, with my brother, we went to meet the other SFL Members in Julia Vargas.

Our first stop,
Basilica of San Sebastian, Manila
Second stop,
San Beda Church, Manila - exterior

San Beda, interior
Third stop,
St. Jude

Fourth stop, Pope Pius, Manila
photo from: http://saggi-space.blogspot.com/2009_11_01_archive.html

Fifth stop, Binondo Church, Manila

photo from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kenly_monteagudo/4268388325/

Sixth stop,

San Agustin

 Last and final stop,

Manila Cathedral
 To cap off the night, we ate at Aristocrat, Manila. The place was jam-packed. All the waiters, servers, and even the owner was running all over the place. It was a mess. Good thing we finished before 12am just before the friday-no-meat-day happens. :)

Jah Bless.

The two girls in my life.

They will always be the two girls in my life. I may have never said this personally, but yeah, you two make me happy and I love you both.

Mama, me, Nadine

Jah Bless.

Holy Wednesday, first agenda: 'Pabasa' at Antipolo

My parents said we'll be going to Antipolo on Holy Wednesday to do the annual pabasa in Tita CY and Tito Rolly Rosales' house. I was really excited because it would be my first time to attend and sing in occasions like the pabasa. We arrived there past 10 in the morning and finished around 3 in the afternoon. I am so happy to do this.

Singers and Papa playing the guitar

We have a different tone on each station
singing with Nadine
with Sam

She is so cute and adorable that she poses that way when she sees a camera!
The last picture is Sam, Tito Ed and Tita Vangie's granddaughter. She eats a lot and has this cute way of eating. After lunch, I carried her while she was drinking her milk in her bottle, she fell asleep on my arms and I carried her for an hour. Her head was heavy but she was so cute that I couldn't complain. Well now, I am paying for it, my arms hurt so bad. -_-

After the pabasa we went to check Tita Janet Mantiquilla's new house in Antipolo. The house was extravagant and the view from the top, breath taking. I will soon have that same feel of the house for my parents! :)

Jah Bless.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Holy Tuesday

My mom invited me and my sister Nadine to go to Laguna last Holy Monday. We were all excited even if we had no idea where exactly in Laguna we were going.

Mama told us to sleep early because we'll leave by 5 in the morning. Unfortunately, we woke up at around quarter to 5 and went to San Joaquin, Pasig (our meeting place with Nadine's boyfriend, Kevin) around 6 in the morning and went to Tipas, Taguig where our van and the rest of the gang were waiting. 

Since we wont be passing through the express way, I knew then that it'll be a long trip for us and decided to sleep instead. When I woke up on our first stopover, I wasn't feeling good. I felt the rush of vomiting, what? I haven't eaten anything yet, so nothing came out. I just slept again during the trip. Good thing on our second stop, just a few minutes away, Kevin decided to switch places with me while the others buy bibingka along the street. I tasted the bibinka, it was so good that up to this point, i can taste that yummy rice cake. However, since I wasn't feeling good then, I did not finish the whole bibingka given to me (I thought of eating it with Andrei when we get back to Manila) and slept again.

After a few minutes, they were all preparing to go down the van. I was shocked that our destination wasn't Laguna but in Lucban, Quezon!

Kamay ni Hesus, Lucban Quezon
Finally at the top!
Oh well. It's okay. I enjoyed our journey to the top in Kamay ni Hesus and the sumptuous lunch after at Buddy's.

P.S. Since we had no idea that it was our destination, we did not bring our prayer book for the Stations of the Cross. :( I just took pictures every Station. See the pictures on my facebook page.

Jah Bless.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Holy Week Next Week

During my younger years, my family and I stays at home during Holy Week. We usually watch movies at home or watch the 3-hour Ten Commandments or the marathon series of Seventh Heaven and a like. We also do 'pasyon' or commonly known as 'pabasa', a poetic form of narrating the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Two years ago, our family facilitated the 'pabasa' in our community and it took us a day or two to finish the whole book where the singers chanted the PDR of Jesus Christ and my dad played the guitar on the background. To cap off the whole week, the kids on our neighborhood designs their own egg and the organizer hides all the eggs within the compound for the kids to find. There is a corresponding prize on each egg.

When I was a kid, I remembered how I put my best foot forward in designing my egg. I tried replicating an Indian egg we have on display at home, but I failed. Still, I loved my egg. (sorry I do not have a picture of that)

Anyway, last year's Holy Week was different. Together with my Singles For Christ family, we went to different churches like Sta. Clara de Montefalco in Pasig, St. Francis in Mandaluyong, Aquinas in San Juan, St. Jude, Manila Cathedral, San Agustin, Malate Church, all four in Manila. We heard mass in Sta. Clara de Montefalco and witnessed the washing of the feet of the disciples.

The Disciples

Washing of the Feet

Singles for Family and Life ladies

Sta. Clara de Montefalco
St. Francis of Assisi
Station of the Cross
Dulaan at Aquainas 
The Crowd
Thee Manila Cathedral, exterior
Thee Manila Cathedral, interior
St. Jude
San Agustin church, exterior
San Agustin church, interior
Dinner feast at Max's Fried Chicken, Manila
Thank you Max's crew for a happy happy birthday song for me :)

I will surely do this again next week. :D

Jah Bless.

Friday, April 15, 2011

New things on a hot Thursday.

It was noon time when I got up today. I was literally dragging myself up to make myself and my day productive. I really had the greatest sleep since this "summer break". Good thing I have this blog. :)

I logged in on facebook, twitter and blogspot. I approved 3 follower requests on my twitter account and 1 here on blogspot. Then I opened my growing CityVille on Facebook. Actually, CV is one of the reasons why I open my facebook, the other reasons, uhm, to post on my boyfriend's wall, which he rarely replies on, and to spy on other people.

Then I could not take the heat of the day and decided to take a long shower after eating lunch. I think it took me 45 mins to almost an hour in the shower. Not my everyday thing coz I usually take a bath for 15 mins, 30 mins maximum. So anyway, I also thought what if we had a swimming pool inside the shower room, how long would it take me to be inside there. (Not bathtub or a like but a swimming pool)

After taking a bath, I decided to finish ironing the clothes my mom left yesterday. there were only a few left but it took me hours before finishing it because I was on facebook chatting with boyfriend, i was also reading something on twitter. And I was watching "A Very Special Love" with Nadine and Kevin.

In the middle of the movie, they both decided to cook spaghetti because I told them I was craving for it. Nadine an I bought the ingredients then she cooked it while I tried finishing the clothes i needed to iron. But I could not finish it and mom took over. lol

Then we went back to the movie after Nadine finished cooking the spaghetti. I can't help it. I had a crush on John Lloyd while watching it. He's so adorable and hot. :)

Before the night ends, I randomly thought of painting my nails, but I was too lazy to do it myself. So I went to the salon. Then my boyfriend texted me that he'll visit me and invited me to eat dinner. I told him I was in the salon for a mani and pedi. When he arrived, we went out and ate dinner somewhere. Then we went back to the salon, just in time for my mani and pedi. :) YEY!

I asked him if he could pick a color for my nails. He was showing me colors fit for the summer like green, mint green, tangerine, yellow, pink, blue, etc. Colors that never match my skin tone. I told him I wanted red, he said no and handed me the bottle of a blue nail polish. It was sort of sky blue. That was a first time for him to pick a color for me so I can't resist.

Jah Bless.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Is it true that good writers stare on a blank page first before writing? Nah. I think good writers can write then and there, right on the spot.

Well, let's rub it off. I will be a good one. :) By starting off here in blogspot.com. I once had a livejournal account, but I deactivated it.

I know, blogging is way different than facebook and twitter, DUH. But I can freely write MORE here compared to twitter. 

Yes. Since I decided to add blogging sa in my Ultimate New Year's Resolution last January, and my first blog was a failure, here I am made another blog. I wish I could stay long enough. lol

Oh well, I'm not leaving facebook and twitter, so you can still follow me on the links below. :)


This first post is crappy. Whatever. It's 3:30 in the morning. I should get some sleep.

Jah Bless!

I edited this for my ads. Soon. :)


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