Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Holy Tuesday

My mom invited me and my sister Nadine to go to Laguna last Holy Monday. We were all excited even if we had no idea where exactly in Laguna we were going.

Mama told us to sleep early because we'll leave by 5 in the morning. Unfortunately, we woke up at around quarter to 5 and went to San Joaquin, Pasig (our meeting place with Nadine's boyfriend, Kevin) around 6 in the morning and went to Tipas, Taguig where our van and the rest of the gang were waiting. 

Since we wont be passing through the express way, I knew then that it'll be a long trip for us and decided to sleep instead. When I woke up on our first stopover, I wasn't feeling good. I felt the rush of vomiting, what? I haven't eaten anything yet, so nothing came out. I just slept again during the trip. Good thing on our second stop, just a few minutes away, Kevin decided to switch places with me while the others buy bibingka along the street. I tasted the bibinka, it was so good that up to this point, i can taste that yummy rice cake. However, since I wasn't feeling good then, I did not finish the whole bibingka given to me (I thought of eating it with Andrei when we get back to Manila) and slept again.

After a few minutes, they were all preparing to go down the van. I was shocked that our destination wasn't Laguna but in Lucban, Quezon!

Kamay ni Hesus, Lucban Quezon
Finally at the top!
Oh well. It's okay. I enjoyed our journey to the top in Kamay ni Hesus and the sumptuous lunch after at Buddy's.

P.S. Since we had no idea that it was our destination, we did not bring our prayer book for the Stations of the Cross. :( I just took pictures every Station. See the pictures on my facebook page.

Jah Bless.

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