Saturday, April 23, 2011

Holy Wednesday, first agenda: 'Pabasa' at Antipolo

My parents said we'll be going to Antipolo on Holy Wednesday to do the annual pabasa in Tita CY and Tito Rolly Rosales' house. I was really excited because it would be my first time to attend and sing in occasions like the pabasa. We arrived there past 10 in the morning and finished around 3 in the afternoon. I am so happy to do this.

Singers and Papa playing the guitar

We have a different tone on each station
singing with Nadine
with Sam

She is so cute and adorable that she poses that way when she sees a camera!
The last picture is Sam, Tito Ed and Tita Vangie's granddaughter. She eats a lot and has this cute way of eating. After lunch, I carried her while she was drinking her milk in her bottle, she fell asleep on my arms and I carried her for an hour. Her head was heavy but she was so cute that I couldn't complain. Well now, I am paying for it, my arms hurt so bad. -_-

After the pabasa we went to check Tita Janet Mantiquilla's new house in Antipolo. The house was extravagant and the view from the top, breath taking. I will soon have that same feel of the house for my parents! :)

Jah Bless.

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