Thursday, July 21, 2011

Captain America is My Alter Ego

Captain America or Steve Rogers is an average man who looks physically weak and tiny. He wanted to serve his country, however, his awkwardness and tiny physique led him to thousands of rejections.

He successfully finished a test given to him by hugging a grenade. It led him to be the chosen subject in a top-secret defense project of the government during World War II.

He agreed to the project that changed him forever and made him a Super Soldier. From the diminutive physique, he was transformed into this huge, six-packed, muscle-toned body. With the Super Serum infused in his body, all he needed was his Super Shield.

Captain America: The First Avenger on July 27, 2011
Watch Captain America: The First Avenger trailer

I know that I can do something big too, if not for my country for the people around me. I may not be transformed like CA but with my will and determination, I know I can do something big, just like him!

Since last June 2011, my boyfie and I watched this trailer in almost all of the movies we've gone to. We are itching to see this movie!

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Add ons.
Captain America creator explains character's patriotic origins - here.


  1. i'll definitely watch the movie. but i guess it's too late to blog and get free tickets :(

  2. Me too. But hey, the promo just started yesterday and will end on the 27th. If ever I wont get free tix, I'd still watch it :)

  3. I read some negative comments about the movie though, with the plot and all, still, I'll watch it. (Chris Evans <3)



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