Thursday, March 29, 2012

THE 8th MIAS 2012: Motorsports, Life in the Fast Lane

The 17th World Building and Construction Exposition (WORLDBEX) once again proved to be a success. Over 152,000 visitors flocked to the World Trade Center Metro Manila and experienced 30,000 sq. m. of booths and exhibits from local and international industry players.

“WORLDBEX leads the future of the construction industry in the Philippines by providing an avenue where local suppliers can showcase their products globally and likewise giving Filipinos an opportunity to see what the international market has to offer,” says Joseph Ang, founding chair of Worldbex Services International (WSI).

ERIK SANTOS: Awit Para Sayo

As co-producer of "Awit Para Sa'yo", Ultimate Serenader, Erik Santos, had pretty much control of the over-all flow and vibe to make his 6th studio album his could-be-thee-best albums in his entire singing career.

Still sticking to his genre, power ballad, Erik Santos also sticks to an all-OPM-album catering renowned composers and singers in the local music scene.

JURIS: Soothing Voice of Asia launches 'Magkaibang Mundo'

Juris Fernandez-Lim, Star Records' Acoustic Pop Sessionista, launches her latest single titled 'Magkaibang Mundo' from her second album, 'Forevermore' which recently reached gold record. Written by former Sugarfree vocalist Ebe Dancel, Juris said this single is one of her most favorite in her album.

photo credit: Dennison Uy


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