Thursday, March 29, 2012

JURIS: Soothing Voice of Asia launches 'Magkaibang Mundo'

Juris Fernandez-Lim, Star Records' Acoustic Pop Sessionista, launches her latest single titled 'Magkaibang Mundo' from her second album, 'Forevermore' which recently reached gold record. Written by former Sugarfree vocalist Ebe Dancel, Juris said this single is one of her most favorite in her album.

photo credit: Dennison Uy

Aside from launching her newest single, Juris is set to be named as the "Soothing Voice of Asia" with the release of her third album this year. Produced by Singaporean company S2S this will be an all-English repertoire that would surely touch not only us Pinoys but even the South East Asian market.

Juris started her solo singing career with Star Records with her first album "Juris: Now Playing" which attained platinum status. Now her second album achieves gold with her own soothing renditions "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin", "Dont Say Goodbye", and Side-A's greatest hit, "Forevermore".

Juris said despite her being in a married status, she will not stop singing for the fans who continues to support her and love her music.

Catch Juris live on April 22, Robinson Galleria, and April 29, Robinson Sta. Rosa.

Please don't forget to grab a copy of Juris' album "Forevermore", still available on your favorite record bars nationwide.

For more updates and online song downloads, log on to and visit them on facebook at or follow them on twitter @starrecordsph.

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