Friday, April 15, 2011

New things on a hot Thursday.

It was noon time when I got up today. I was literally dragging myself up to make myself and my day productive. I really had the greatest sleep since this "summer break". Good thing I have this blog. :)

I logged in on facebook, twitter and blogspot. I approved 3 follower requests on my twitter account and 1 here on blogspot. Then I opened my growing CityVille on Facebook. Actually, CV is one of the reasons why I open my facebook, the other reasons, uhm, to post on my boyfriend's wall, which he rarely replies on, and to spy on other people.

Then I could not take the heat of the day and decided to take a long shower after eating lunch. I think it took me 45 mins to almost an hour in the shower. Not my everyday thing coz I usually take a bath for 15 mins, 30 mins maximum. So anyway, I also thought what if we had a swimming pool inside the shower room, how long would it take me to be inside there. (Not bathtub or a like but a swimming pool)

After taking a bath, I decided to finish ironing the clothes my mom left yesterday. there were only a few left but it took me hours before finishing it because I was on facebook chatting with boyfriend, i was also reading something on twitter. And I was watching "A Very Special Love" with Nadine and Kevin.

In the middle of the movie, they both decided to cook spaghetti because I told them I was craving for it. Nadine an I bought the ingredients then she cooked it while I tried finishing the clothes i needed to iron. But I could not finish it and mom took over. lol

Then we went back to the movie after Nadine finished cooking the spaghetti. I can't help it. I had a crush on John Lloyd while watching it. He's so adorable and hot. :)

Before the night ends, I randomly thought of painting my nails, but I was too lazy to do it myself. So I went to the salon. Then my boyfriend texted me that he'll visit me and invited me to eat dinner. I told him I was in the salon for a mani and pedi. When he arrived, we went out and ate dinner somewhere. Then we went back to the salon, just in time for my mani and pedi. :) YEY!

I asked him if he could pick a color for my nails. He was showing me colors fit for the summer like green, mint green, tangerine, yellow, pink, blue, etc. Colors that never match my skin tone. I told him I wanted red, he said no and handed me the bottle of a blue nail polish. It was sort of sky blue. That was a first time for him to pick a color for me so I can't resist.

Jah Bless.

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