Saturday, April 23, 2011

Holy Wednesday, Last Agenda: Visita Iglesia

This year is my second time to do Visita Iglesia here in Manila. As my memory serves me right, I have tried it once in Naga, Bicol a couple years back with Mama, Nadine, and with some relatives there. And last year, I was with my SFL Family. See previous post here.

From my first agenda of the day, the pabasa, I arrived at home around 6 in the evening, I just prepared some things and rested for a while and then, with my brother, we went to meet the other SFL Members in Julia Vargas.

Our first stop,
Basilica of San Sebastian, Manila
Second stop,
San Beda Church, Manila - exterior

San Beda, interior
Third stop,
St. Jude

Fourth stop, Pope Pius, Manila
photo from:

Fifth stop, Binondo Church, Manila

photo from:

Sixth stop,

San Agustin

 Last and final stop,

Manila Cathedral
 To cap off the night, we ate at Aristocrat, Manila. The place was jam-packed. All the waiters, servers, and even the owner was running all over the place. It was a mess. Good thing we finished before 12am just before the friday-no-meat-day happens. :)

Jah Bless.

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