Monday, July 04, 2011

Transformers 3 depresses me! #rant

Come on! Why are all of the cinemas now are always full and all of the tickets are sold out? Andrei and I want to watch Transformers 3 since July 1 and until now we haven't got the chance!

Oh well, I'll just listen to your album and want you more. And I have seen your album in record stores now. In fairness you released that album fast! The CD costs roughly around PHP300 to 400 if my memory serves me right.

You can listen to their samples and purchase the songs online: Transformers: Dark Of The Moon - The Album

I want to buy also their action figure for Andrei though its a bit costly for a "toy". But yeah, since its a collectors item, I will. Soon. Though we are purchasing a Ravage USB by next week. I wish the seller is not bogus. :))

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