Friday, September 02, 2011

Talking to Self i

Disclaimer: This is just my rant-slash-peptalk-slash-realizations from my problems. I needed to vent this out so if you are not interested, don't read further.

I have been through a lot of problems lately and there even came to a point when I questioned Him. I have to thank Tita Sol Fabie for sharing their struggle now with Salve's condition -- this opened my mind and heart with such realizations. So forgive me if I violated your principles or whatever.

Dear Luna,

You have been busy since last year when you started working, you even added more load with your new lifestyle. I mean there's nothing wrong with that because you are not ruining someone's life but yours alone.

I am just reminding you (again) that He's been waiting for you since you left Him. He's been saving you from misfortunes and helping you with your problems. I know you have not forgotten Him from the start, but I am just being frank with you that you are seeking Him when you needed Him most. So you have no right to question Him with all the bad luck and bad vibes that blocks your way to your own 'self-centered happiness'.

Good thing you never missed a meal without talking to Him. Are you afraid you might get poisoned if you did not seek His blessings? Also, may I just remind you that doing the Sign of the Cross before going out doesn't shield you from any accident; you can seek His Guiding Power but don't leave everything to Him and be clumsy as a kid running off the streets.

He misses you more than you misses Him. If you have time for events and work, spare that one hour with Him, alone. I am begging you to drag yourself to His Home even for just an hour. Please.

With love,

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