Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Not in the mood

For the past couple of days, I felt something really really not good. I was actually thought of quitting this, blog life. I wasn't sure why or how, I just don't feel like blogging, ever.

There are a couple of factors I'm considering.
1. No more spark between me and my writing skills. (That is why I'm afraid to apply as Content Writer)
2. No inspiration, I guess. (Ugh. Tried finding my light and the things I like, still, nada)
3. Not earning. (I know, earning here is not essential, but with some bloggers earning from this, I am thinking why am I not earning like them. [Duh. Okay. I am fighting with my own thoughts on this matter because this is not really a job compared to my 'part time job'])
4. I want to switch from blogger to wordpress and just combine everything. Still couldn't think of the perfect name for my blog when I merge them in one.
5. I just do not know what to write. (I have a couple more backlogs but I just couldn't start any of those)
6. I'm thinking too much.

I just needed to take this off my chest. Maybe I need a help from my support system. I need to go back to my old self. I dunno. Maybe after posting this, I'd go back after a couple of days/weeks and laugh at myself for feeling this bad vibes. I dunno. Bahala na si Batman


  1. All is well girl! Minsan ipapahinga din ang isip :)Chill, hindi lahat madalian :D

  2. Dont quit! :) blogging is very therapeutic. for me. I'd rather blog than work hahah :)

  3. Thanks vielili. :D I am slowly recovering from this stage. :) I sent you a SMS about your other comment which I will not post. Tell me if I should post it or not. :)



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