Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Prayer to the 9-11 Tragedy

As the whole world thinks back to the 9-11 tragedy, let us all give a minute of silence and offer a prayer to all the lives of victims, heroes and even the terrorists who did the the gruesome incident 10 years ago.

Most Loving Father,

I am praying to all the lives that vanished 10 years ago during the 9-11 tragedy. They left this awesome place not because of their will but because You have greater plans ahead of them and the families they've left behind. Cliche as it may sound but You know more greater than me, than the people all over the world who is still crying out for justice and peace of mind. Many lives were lost but I know they have taught more people to be vigilant and to care and save more people.

For the saviors of that daunting event, I pray that they may continue saving lives. For those who passed away because of helping, thank you. You may not helped me personally but you have served not only your people but the whole world. Thank you for being a hero.

For the terrorists, I pray for your souls. God is a very Forgiving Father and I believe He has forgiven you. I am praying that this event wont happen again. Not in the US, not in our country, not even in any other places. I wish you peace of mind as well as love for all of the people in this world.

Guide everybody Lord, make us safe from any accidents and for that matter, happenings like that of 9-11. Thank you Father.


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