Saturday, September 24, 2011

Justin Bieber Fights Back: Fan Learned A Lesson

Justin Bieber (Photo from here)
Teen Star, Justin Bieber fights back as one of his fans hacked Beiber's friend's Facebook account.

15-year old Kevin Kristopic wanted to get Bieber's attention through hacking one of the latter's closest friends' Facebook account.

Kristopic didn't expect almost 30,000 texts and almost same amount of phone calls from different numbers would come his way after calling and texting the young star about 30 times.

He then found out that Bieber tweeted his number to about 4.5 million 'Bielibers' (Bieber's fans/followers).

Justin Bieber's tweet (photo from here)
Kristopic really got Bieber's attention in a hard way.

(see full story here)

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