Friday, July 22, 2011

Keep Them Glued At All Time

Since I was too busy yesterday fixing my blog and chatting with friends on Facbook, I wasn't able to watch Pinoy Henyo on Eat Bulaga.

Pinoy Henyo is a guessing game hosted by the longest noon time show here in the Philippines. I had the chance to work there as an intern last December 2010.

Me on the Pinoy Henyo Seat (backstage)
This segment is one of my most favorite even before my internship started. I have always dreamed of joining the contest. But I guess I wont make it through the audition for they are looking for the most energetic pair.

For TV's aesthetic purposes, I guess? Being smart is not only the key to get in , you also have to be witty and entertaining.

Well, I guess, with this pair yesterday, they really are winners when it comes to entertainment.
Watch their video.

PS. My parents and I just watched it now. We still can't get over it.

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