Friday, July 22, 2011

I want my own DOT COM Domain

I am a new blogger and yes, I know, having my own domain is too early for me. I am still looking for good things to write and some readers to follow and read.

Despite that, I know I can make it through. (True Story: I made another post about this but for I don't know reason, it just didn't post. I tried retrieving it yet, no luck. I almost cried for I think I poured my soul onto that post, but it was just gone. Thanks ERROR 404. kthanksbye)

Anyway, as much as I could, I wanted my as of the moment 8 followers read pretty much nice posts from a newbie like me. (I am hoping they're reading my posts. He-he)

But, does it mean having my own domain can help me gain followers and readers? Not.

I'd still say yes. It'll boost my self-esteem and I can proudly say "Hey I am ''".

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