Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Someone get this kid off the streets. . .

. . . and let him be a star!

I was about to take my lunch today when my brother played this video on youtube. I only heard the voice and was intrigued with the person in the video. Much to my surprise, I saw this kid.

The video was taken in Clark, Pampanga, Philippines and was uploaded in youtube.

With 34,005 hits and singing prowess, this kid should get the recognition he needed.

Witnessed the talent of this kid inside clark pampanga.
He sells flutes for a living.

SORRY FOR THE UNSTABLE VIDEO COVERAGE..I had to bounce to the beat!

Please note that the songs in this clip are not owned by me, nor the singer. NO intention to infringe any copyrights.

Please note that the talented Filipino you see in this video is always seen in the grounds of Clark. Notably in pure gold.

I have no way in contacting the kid. I have seen him more than once in Clark whenever I get to visit the place. And he is the ONLY singing fellow over there.

Hopefully someday he would stop selling flutes, and start selling albums. =)

Again..sorry for the bouncing video..I can see your head bop too. =)   


  1. If you were watching Talentadong Pinoy he already joined that contest. He won but wasn't able to overthrown the champion that day. He is really good! If you can hear him play the flute he really gets every note. Imagine that without any music teacher to teach him how to sing and play the flute.

  2. No, I wasn't able to watch him but thank you for the info. I know he's really good!



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