Monday, August 08, 2011

My Testimonial on Thee Ultimate Closeup Fire-Freeze

Thank you for patiently reading my loooong post about how GREAT CLOSEUP FIRE-FREEZE is. You have been directed here because you are intrigued on how great this new product is and why I consider this toothpaste can give you THEE ULTIMATE LONG-LASTING FRESH BREATH.
Closeup Fire-Freeze

I have been using Closeup Fire-Freeze toothpaste for a week now and I am so amazed with this product and I couldn't resist making another post about this.

I love eating (even if it doesn't really show on my petite figure) and one of my favorite food is onion rings. I also eat onions served raw on salads. So I guess you know what my breath would smell even if I ate onions hours ago.
photo from
Also, everybody knows that I am a coffee addict. Coffee is not only an odor-causing drink but it can also dehydrate our tongue and mouth which leads to bad breath. (source here.) I also can feel and taste coffee for hours in my mouth, more specifically on my tongue.
Photo from my previous post on MIHCA
I always see to it that I have breath mints in hand, so bad breath wouldn't be a problem. However, I am not satisfied with breath mints so I always carry a toothbrush and my Closeup White Now toothpaste in my kit. But my Closeup White Now toothpaste comes in one size only and I couldn't bring it always. (I wonder why they did not come up with a smaller tube)

Fortunately, Closeup Fire-Freeze is available in local supermarkets, groceries, department stores and selected convenience stores nationwide in 3 affordable tube sizes: 50ml tube at PHP 37.90, 100ml tube at PHP 59.50, and 150ml tube at PHP 86.90. So for backpackers, travellers or like for me, a small 50ml tube can fit into my small kikay kit!

I can stand by their tagline now, "The closer, the better." because I use Closeup Fire-Freeze!

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  1. i wish they have it here, on where I am right now. :( We only rely on mints. Honestly, some people here don't even use toothpaste and just depend on their mints or chewing gums. :( eww.



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