Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Larkhouse Project

I have been a fan of Pinoy Indie music since my high school days. I liked bands who plays underground music and bands that doesn't go with the flow of the mainstream.

My usual bands generally fall under alternative rock, "power-punk", reggae and ska.  Yet slowly, the bands I've loved drifted to the dark shadows and went to the limelight.

For the past two years I have been stucked to Taken by Cars’ music which the band describes their music as a mixture of electro, shoegaze and new wave.

Last year, my boyfie introduced bands I have never heard of. (I’ll post another blog about those) Well, for me I think that’s a good idea for them not going with the flow of mainstream because that makes them unique and hardcore. (no offense to the bands in the mainstream)

Recently, I bumped into Kissa, a good old friend of mine back during my gradeschool days. Music has been her passion even before, so having a band at this age is not a shock for me. It amazed me that she created a good music with her band, The Larkhouse Project.

Like them on Facbook here

The Larkhouse Project's genre is ambient/alternative which is relaxing and perfect for any environment. Their influences are The Appleseed Cast, Tori Amos, Angels and Airwaves, One amazin' Kid, You Blew It!, Radiohead, Death Cab for cutie and many more.

Here are the members (photo credit to The Larkhouse Project)

Johanna "Kissa" Fernandez - vocals, keyboards
Argee guerrero and Paolo Owyong - both guitars
Drew Soriano - drums
Gere Gurrero - bass

You can like their page here.
Or visit their websites:


Where to catch them?

The Larkhouse Project has a gig on August 2, 2011 at B-Side (7274 Malugay Street, San Antonio Village, Makati City) 9:00 PM. Other bands who'll be playing in "The Invasion!!!! (Southern Project Website Launch) event are: Cosmic Love, Lights in Transit, Cat Valium, Faircatch, and Sandata. Entrance fee: PHP 150 with free beer!

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