Sunday, June 26, 2011


I have been fantasizing about being white. Seriously. I used to try on different beauty products to make my skin look fairer and whiter. But then again, every try wasn't a success; and I am guilty of being persuaded by the TV and print ads around. I have suffered from all sorts of teenage problems like acne, zits and a like because of trying almost anything I see on commercials. Then there was a time where I had to just stop using anything on my face. Just water.

Then I got back my "seemingly" clear face (well, minus some scars. lol) then I started using some products again. (yeah.i was like asdflkj. kthanksbye)

Well, I kinda sorted things out right this time. I think I chose some right stuff for my face. Thanks to Etude House Philippines' products. Yeah. I know it's all Korean shizz stuff. But yeah, I don't have to suffer again.

I am currently using Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam. They have different kinds of "tea-flavored" foams. They have Green Tea (Cleansing and oily shine relief), Milk Tea  (moisturizing and smoothing), Aloe Tea (moisturizing and complexion health), Lemon Tea (revitalizing and nourishing) and Peach Tea (brightening and clarifying), I purchased the latter. The reasons why I actually bought this because of its cute tube, it's awesome smell (you can really tell it's flavor with its smell) and its price (Php 149).

After washing my face, I use Clean and Clear Acne Clearing Moisturizer my sister gave me. I cannot actually find here in any shops so I am worried where to buy another bottle if I finished my one and only bottle. </3 I love this so much. I can actually go out of the house without make-up on. (Fresh looking, eh? :D) And it is so light and not greasy compared to other brands and it smells good too.

And since my skin is a combination of oily and dry, I always carry with me Etude House's Oil Control Film. It doesn't ruin and erase my make-up at all.

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